Friday, August 04, 2006

Link to our stuff!

If you have a website or blog, you can make money through the Cafe Press Affiliate Program.

Affiliates can link to specific products that we offer or our entire shop. You earn a 20% commission on any sales you generate.
Linking To A Specific Product

Browse to the product page you require, start at

Make a note of the URL of the product detail page (PDURL)

Make a note of the URL for the products image (PIURL)
To obtain the URL of the image do the following in IE or Firefox
Right-Click on the product image and choose Properties.
In IE the address is labeled "Address (URL) in Firefox it is labeled "Location"

Insert an image into the html of your page
Set its address to the product image URL (PIURL)

Create a hyperlink for the image and set its address to the product detail page (PDURL)

Add ?pid=XXXXXX to the end of the address (where XXXXXX is your Affiliate PID)

Example - the following HTML links directly to the Pink "Not now kids, mommy's scrapbooking" T-shirt:
(you will need to enclose your actual link code in < > brackets)
(open bracket) a href="" (close bracket) (open bracket) img height="240" src="" width="240" border="0" /(close bracket)


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